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The Congress theme, Preparing for the Skills Future, Now will make a difference to the outcomes for millions of vocational and professional students world-wide.

The changing nature of work means workers will need different kinds of skills. They will harness knowledge rather needing to know specific facts. Creativity and innovation will be important, foundation skills will remain essential, as will the ability to solve problems. Employers will seek workers who can co-create and collaborate through teams.

People in every country and in every industry and occupation will be affected. This raises questions about how to prepare young people for careers in which they will use a more generic set of skills, rather than skills for narrowly defined jobs.

New technologies which disrupt production and work processes will equally disrupt the education and training process. What will be the role of colleges and polytechnics in the future?

What will be the value-add in teaching and training?

Colleges and polytechnics are well placed to lead the debate. They can build on their expertise in understanding industry trends and teaching and training a wide range of students.

People in every country and in every industry and occupation will be affected by changes in skills needs. The WFCP aspires for citizens around the globe to benefit from these fundamental changes, regardless of their educational background. Governments, industry and educationalists need to work together to ensure no one is left behind. The Congress will examine this perplexing social and community issue.

The 2018 World Congress will focus on action oriented solutions to these challenges.


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